Based in Herne Bay, Aquatic Warehouse Kent Ltd is a Kent based specialist in cold water fish, aquarium and pond supplies. Established for over five years; we are a professional business that has many years of experience.

Available in the shop are a wide range of Koi, from Sanke, Kohaku, Koromo, Showas, Shusui, Shiros, Kohaku, Chagois and many others. We are the only dealers of koi and cold water fish in Herne Bay Kent.

We also sell gold fish, carp, tench, sturgeon & turtles. We have a huge range of fish tanks from small all in one units to large 'made to measure' fish tanks. We stock a wide variety of pumps including Blagdon, Kockney Koi, Oase and others on request.

We stock Retro fit bottom drains, air pumps all sizes available and makes again well known brands like Kockney Koi, Blagdon and many others available.

Our Koi range of dried foods is quite extensive including Shingoi, Kockney Koi and many others. Aquosis vats are available in all sizes and shapes. We stock black box filter boxes, cannister filters, Oase filtrail, Hoselock, Kockney Koi, Evolution Aquas Nexuses both the 200 and 300 models and pods.

We supply an extensive range of ultraviolet water sterilisers to get rid of green water & algea. We also stock a wide range of waterfalls and streams and water features.

We stock a wide range of pond treatments for your koi pond from blanket weed to malachite green, dechlorinators, algizan, parasite treatments, water treatments.

if its not in our shop in herne bay then we can normally get it for you within a couple of days.

We also operate a koi doctor service and callout. We are pond cleaning specialists and offer pond design and build service.

Aquatic Warehouse also offers a fish carrier for rental to transport your koi
and tropical fish

Come and visit our shop in Herne Bay Kent and you'll be pleasantly suprised by our range and professional service.


Our range of products include :

Blagdon Pond Pumps
Oase Filter Pumps
Oase Fountain Pumps
Oase Solar Pumps
Hozelock Pond Pumps
UV Filters

Mega Filters



Whatever size pond our range of filters will ensure crystal clear water.

Oase Pumps

Oase Pond Pumps - High quality and durable

Fish Health

Healthy Fish are Happy Fish - Check out our Fish Health section

Pond Features

Pond design and features - Check out our waterfalls and water features